Dinosaurs, Romans, Alternate Universes and Maasai Vikings. Why hasn’t Michael Bay optioned ‘Stormchild’?

Disclaimer: Stormchild is a novel I wrote several years ago, which stormed to the bottom of the charts faster than Obama’s approval rankings.Let’s be brutally honest, it missed the charts entirely.

Stormchild by Terry Webb

Stormchild by Terry Webb

Not that it isn’t a good read. I may be biased… correction, I am biased, but I’m still kinda proud of Stormchild. It’s a fantasy set in an alternate universe featuring a melange of escapees from various time periods in our own world. Take all of history, slam it into a Nutribullet and blend.

So why hasn’t Stormchild made it to Hollywood? So-so writing, half baked love story, exposition, big staged battles, dinosaurs, Romans and Maasii Vikings? There’s even a scene which involves skinning someone alive.

What more could you want Michael? Or M. Knight? Guillermo? Richard? Steven? George? Ed Wood? Anyone…


Buy Stormchild today on Amazon and make up your own mind. No, really. I’d like to make enough for a coffee and cake.

This Is Target!

Ok, Just had to post this one.


Is it real? I think so. Is it an appropriate homage to mass consumerism? Probably not. Is it fun? Hell yeah.

What I like most is that Target seems to be leaving it alone. There are negative comments about people having to work on Black Friday floating around, but no knee jerk from the company. It’s the right tack. You can’t control this kind of content, and even if there are negative reactions, there’s no benefit to feeding the trolls.

Most viewers will see this for what it is. A local manager bending the rules to pep up the team. If you have to work on Black Friday, why not have fun?