This Is Target!

Ok, Just had to post this one.


Is it real? I think so. Is it an appropriate homage to mass consumerism? Probably not. Is it fun? Hell yeah.

What I like most is that Target seems to be leaving it alone. There are negative comments about people having to work on Black Friday floating around, but no knee jerk from the company. It’s the right tack. You can’t control this kind of content, and even if there are negative reactions, there’s no benefit to feeding the trolls.

Most viewers will see this for what it is. A local manager bending the rules to pep up the team. If you have to work on Black Friday, why not have fun?

Great Marketing: Direct Mail From The Salvos

This arrived in the snail mail today. Simple, elegant and engaging.

I love ideas that are boiled down to their cores, and this is one. A lovely reflection of Christmas, an easily understood call to action and a compelling execution. Could you resist slipping a coin (or 3) in?


Great Marketing: Dumb Ways To Die

Sweet, engaging and very cool.


When I first posted this on November 16, Dumb Ways To Die had 369 views. At the current time of writing, it has over 12 million and is the fastest growing ‘viral’ ad in Australian history, as reported in Mumbrella.

One of the man points that jumps out in John Mescal’s Mumbrella article is the fact that the client was prepared to be truly honest. It is a great starting point, and sadly, is too rare. A great campaign, and beautifully creative.

Great Marketing: DIY Packaging

Great article HERE from Creativity Online about DIY Furniture made from the packaging of well, furniture. Very cool.







I love it when I see every part of a product utilised cleverly. Thinking outside the box, by thinking about the box.