Great Marketing: iOS 6 Release

Earlier today, the roll out of Apple’s iOS 6 began sweeping the world.

Some people are cheering, some are yawning. Along with the eagerly awaited iPhone 5, iOS 6 will surely polarise fanboys and haters alike.

The biggest issue seems to be the lack of a game changing ‘wow’ factor in both products. But so what? Is radical innovation the only acceptable play? I don’t think so.

Radical innovation is exciting. It takes us in new directions and opens new doors creatively. but incremental innovation is also vital. It’s the basis of evolution. Small, constant changes that help us develop and improve.

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 might not change the world, but every step forward is a step I’m happy with.

Great Marketing: Why Your McDonalds Burger Looks Better In The Ad

Behind the scenes at a McDonalds Photo Shoot

I love this. The approach is so totally disarming, I find myself forgetting that I should be outraged at Maccas’ manipulation (although I do live in the advertising world, so its not exactly a surprise).

This is a brave move, but indicates that McDonalds have accepted the fact that consumers have regular access to ‘behind the scenes’ information. They’ve seen this sort of stuff before, but not under McDonalds control. By producing a video like this, McDonalds are actually attempting to take a leaf out of McCann Erickson’s book.

Advertising should be Truth, Well Told. Well, until the ‘behind the scenes’ of this ‘behind the scenes’ is leaked.


Marketing: Creating Lara Bingle

Being Lara Bingle premieres soon on Network 10 in Australia.

For those of you who don’t live in Oz, Lara became famous as the face of a controversial Australian tourism campaign. She was the “where the bloody hell are you?” girl who became even more famous as the partner of Michael Clarke, now captain of the Australian cricket team.

Now, she’s about to become a reality TV star.




Disclosure: I’m not a fan of most reality TV shows, but the impact of shows which enhance celebrity by their very existence as builders of celebrity intrigues me. I have never met, nor am I likely to meet Lara, but I’m impressed by the way she’s building her empire completely on quicksand. How long will it stay up? Will she be able to shift from being a celebrity famous for her celebrity to being a celebrity famous for her substance? Does she possess any substance?

I have no idea, but marketers should take note. There are so many celebrity ‘brands’ in the marketplace famous for very little other than themselves. If we could all figure out how they do it, it would make selling an actual product with actual consumer benefits so much easier.

While I’m waiting for inspiration, at least I’ll have something to watch…. for an episode or two…

Creative Techniques: When Creativity Goes Bad

Sometimes an idea may look good on paper, but collapse totally when it’s implemented. That’s when you need to be honest enough with yourself to kill your ideas before they develop their own evil life.

Take this concept from Fresh Step. Bacon scented kitty litter. Are they kidding? I can understand not wanting the smell of kitty litter in your house, but as one watcher commented, does this mean the cat will want to poo in the pan every time you’re cooking bacon?

Of course, happy April Fools Day. This was put on YouTube a couple of days before April Fools, and it’s a lot of fun from a company confident enough to poke fun at itself. Will it generate enough talk to cover the expense of making it? Who knows. At the time of writing, total views are still minimal (314) but it’s trending.

I think sometimes we do take ourselves too seriously. Products like kitty litter demand a low financial and emotional investment from the consumer, which means the consumer is more likely to accept a fun approach like this.

My verdict? Great marketing. Fresh Step are willing to have fun as a company, and that will put them on a lot of shopping lists.