Redfoo Hoodoo. Why Let’s Get Ridiculous is actually ridiculous.

I’m seriously LMFAO at Redfoo‘s latest ‘hit’, Let’s Get Ridiculous.

The track is a funky little pop piece, but in my opinion, it sounds exactly like an LMFAO track, with half the talent missing. Redfoo probably has more talent in his white framed glasses than I do in my entire body, but Let’s Get Ridiculous shows that he wasn’t 100% of the smarts in LMFAO.

The whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

Creative partnerships are tricky relationships. Sometimes one partner appears to be the driving force, and begins to believe their own publicity. That’s fine if it’s true, but it soon becomes obvious if it’s not.

If you find yourself working in a creative partnership, keep your eyes wide open, and identify what each person brings to the party. Focus on your strengths and allow them to focus on theirs.Collaborate honestly, and try to keep ego out of the mix as much as possible. Accept that one of the reasons you’re together is (at some stage) you believed you could both add value to the equation.

If your shared input creates something that neither of you could create alone, then wow, you’re in the LMFAO zone. If it doesn’t, then you start to look a little ridiculous.

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