Creative Techniques: Creativity means change. But do people hate change?

By definition, creativity denotes the development of something new. Often, ‘new’ means a different angle o something which already exists, i.e. a new way of doing something, a new design, a new way of looking at a problem. Newness indicates a change to what currently exists, and therein lies a problem.
Most people don’t like change. OK, I’m generalising, but think about the people you know. How regimented are their lives? For the majority, they do the same things, in the same way, day after day. If it worked yesterday, why would I change it today?
There’s a practical reason for this. Safety. Repeating something successful is generally safer than trying something new. So what does this mean for your new creation or idea?
It means you have to present it properly. You can’t just assume that by building that better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. It rarely works that way. How we present our creative ideas is incredibly important to their success.
Understand who you’re presenting to. Whether it’s a new clothing design, a marketing idea or a better mousetrap. Think about why your audience might want that new design. Reinforce the positive aspects. If there is a solid benefit over te previous design, focus on it (but be careful, make sure the benefit is real, not just something you’re using for justification).
Creativity means change, and change means changing momentum. It’s not easy.

One thought on “Creative Techniques: Creativity means change. But do people hate change?

  1. I appreciate the reminder to understand who you are presenting to. I have found that when presenting an idea (which I understand perfectly in my mind) it has been easy to confuse the audience. Great blog by the way, I read them all today!

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