iPhone 5: Marketing Fail? Or is the iPhone 4S the precursor for the iPhone Siri?

The fanboys are still cheering, but the non-release of the iPhone 5 has sent ripples across the world. The question is, did Apple simply not understand how eagerly people were awaiting the iPhone 5? The iPhone 4s is a great piece of kit, but people are perverse, and human nature has repeatedly shown us that you’ll feel the wrath if you promise one thing and deliver another, no matter how good.

The sleeper of course, is Siri, the first major step towards true voice controlled mobile devices. Reports are saying it’s buggy, limited and I’m sure the haters will claim it’s total crap, but make no mistake, this is a direction Apple wouldn’t commit to unless they thought it would sell, and they are very, very good at knowing what will sell.

So, was the non release of the iPhone 5 a massive marketing fail, or part of a plan to pretest Siri, clear out the bugs and give developers time to gear up apps for the release of the first real voice controlled ‘personal assistant’, the iPhone Siri?


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