Creative Techniques: Tyree Callahan’s Chromatic Typewriter

Awesome post HERE from Bored Panda on a typewriter that has been turned into a painting device.

Apart from the sheer beauty and brilliance of the concept, there’s an important lesson to be learned here. Creativity is about change, not about building something from nothing. It’s about taking the things we know, consciously or subconsciously, and developing them into something different.

Never feel that you’re “not creative” because you haven’t had an idea you feel is completely new to the world. Some people, like Tyree, can make gorgeous associations between disparate items and develop something that you think “crap, I wish I’d thought of that”. But what is actually new here? The typewriter? No. The idea of colour stamps? No. The creative leap comes in the combination of the two.

So don’t try to pull “something new” out of your hat. Think about the things you know. The things you do. The things you feel and see and love and hate every day. Examine them. Look for flaws or elements that are wonderful. Look for the core of those old ideas and then think of ways to change them. To enhance or take in a completely different direction. That’s where creativity comes from.

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