Great Marketing: Nissan Announces Self Healing iPhone Case

Yesterday Nissan announced the world’s first self healing iPhone case.

Nissan’s Scratch Shield Case self heals small scratches within an hour, and larger scratches over a longer period (up to a week).

Apart from the product itself, what I love here is Nissan taking what is essentially an automotive innovation into the broader market. Frankly, they’re not intending to make a squllion dollars selling iPhone cases (yet), but very quickly, word of their Scratch Shield paint will expand further into the marketplace than ever before. Scratch Shield is currently available on a range of Nissan products, but unless you’re a car buff (I’m talking to you, Paul Rogers), you’re probably not aware of this advance in paint technology. Nor do you probably care.

However, by introducing the innovation into something that millions of consumers engage with every day, Nissan has very cleverly planted a seed that will increase sales of its core products.

Its a common blind spot with small to medium businesses in particular. They relate their marketing efforts directly to their products (i.e. I’m selling car accessories, I’d better put my marketing dollars solely into car shows).

Think about the other aspects of your target consumers’ lives. How can you impact them in other ways? What elements of your service or product could be adapted to help them in other ways? How can your brand improve their experiences day by day?

It’s a cliche, but look outside the square.

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