The Secret To Creativity

is no secret. It’s more like a recipe. I’m not a great believer in people’s claims to ‘be’ or ‘not be’ creative. Everyone can think creatively, however some people are simply better at it than others.

Ceativity is a combination of skill, method & ingredients. A recipe. Some creative types rely heavily on inherent skills. They don’t need to follow a precise method, because experience and innate talent allows them to shortcut the process.

If you have less experience, or you’re not confident that you can think creatively, pick up a recipe book and follow the method. By ‘recipe book’, I mean one of the thousands of creative thinking tools on the web. Mindtools has some great methods, or, if you want to go deeper, Edward de Bono’s PO is an excellent tool.

The most overlooked element in thinking creatively is the ingredient list. By this, I mean the various bits and pieces of data you absorb throughout your life. This is often where both people with innate skills, and people who focus on method fall down. They don’t absorb enough to give themselves the breadth of ingredients they need. Without good ingredients, nothing’s cooking.

The secret to creativity is in the combination. Skills, method and ingredients. Whatever field you’re working on, resist the urge to only study that field. Truly creative people are often fascinated by everything. From nuclear physics to knitting. Step outside your comfort zone, read articles on a wide variety of topics. The bits and pieces you pick up will sit in the back of your mind and help spark that idea into life.

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