Creativity: Steampunk Rocks

I’m a huge fan of Steampunk, for a variety of reasons. For the uninitiated, Steampunk kinda envisions a world in which Victorian style and technology meets the future, although it’s a lot more complex than that.


Datamancer creates incredible Victorian style computer hardware

What I love about Steampunk in particular, is the focused creativity that people pour into it. Here we have a circumstance where people have looked at everyday items, and rather than trying to impose change for the sake of improvement, they’ve simply re-imagined them. It’s a classic ‘what if?’ What if the world we live in today, existed 150 years ago?

Steampunk cufflnks from The Steampunk Shop










Steampunk is everywhere. Stores like the Steampunk Shop and Datamancer sell everything from Steampunk computers to cufflinks to Victorian brass and leather blasters. Steampunk books and movies abound. Steampunk aficionados are exploring the concept to its fullest.

So how does this relate to you as a creative type? Remember that creativity isn’t just about changing things that don’t work. It’s not only about fixing problems. Sometimes it’s about looking at the world we live in and experimenting.

Although I know it wasn’t born this way, I can imagine a Steampunk pioneer whispering a  De Bono concept into his or her mahogany and brass dictaphone… “Po: today is yesterday…. now where can I go with that idea?”

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