Creative Techniques: When Was The Last Time You Were Creative?

I’ll bet it wasn’t that long ago. Creativity is what helps us enjoy life. It’s everything from the massive life changing revelations to the different garnish on your Masterchef inspired Baba Ghanoush.

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People are more creative than they give themselves credit for. Professional creative types though, have a couple of tricks up their sleeves (assuming they wear sleeves) that helps them be consistently creative.

1.    They recognise creativity when they see it, or produce it.
2.    They’re methodical about developing creative concepts.

It’s not brain surgery, which is probably not somewhere you want to much creative experimentation. If you want develop better creativity, learn to recognise and analyse your own creative efforts and those of people around you, and train yourself to consistently come up with ideas.

That way the last time you were creative, won’t be the last time you were creative.

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