Great Marketing: iOS 6 Release

Earlier today, the roll out of Apple’s iOS 6 began sweeping the world.

Some people are cheering, some are yawning. Along with the eagerly awaited iPhone 5, iOS 6 will surely polarise fanboys and haters alike.

The biggest issue seems to be the lack of a game changing ‘wow’ factor in both products. But so what? Is radical innovation the only acceptable play? I don’t think so.

Radical innovation is exciting. It takes us in new directions and opens new doors creatively. but incremental innovation is also vital. It’s the basis of evolution. Small, constant changes that help us develop and improve.

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 might not change the world, but every step forward is a step I’m happy with.

One thought on “Great Marketing: iOS 6 Release

  1. What I find underwhelming about all OS upgrades regardless of the platform is that major functionality or cosmetic changes never improves the performance of the applications I use. Except perhaps in a negative sense like slow-downs or incompatibility.
    The hype surrounding launch is mostly just fluff and clearly aimed at a broad consumer market rather than serious commercial users.
    It is usually months after release that I discover useful little features that enhance useability and change my perspective on an OS’s worth.
    Clearly I’m a bigger supporter of incremental innovation, because I like to see things work better, not just get flashier.

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