Creative Techniques: Creativity In The Home

Love this article from Jeanette Nyberg at .

Jeanette incorporates artistic elements into her kids’ days in a variety of ways. little things like leaving drawing paper and pencils out, or using art terms in everyday conversation.

The concept of creativity as a separate part of our lives is one I dislike. Creativity is a part of us, and actively developing methods to enhance it is awesome. Advertising/marketing has been my man gig for the last couple of decades, so my kids have been raised in a similar environment to that described by Jeanette.

Cameras, drawing paper, scissors, cardboard, video cameras have always been part of their lives. They quickly picked up the core concepts of AIDA, and learned to recognise the techniques used by marketers, film makers, artists et al.

This hasn’t made them cynical, it has made them more aware of the world around them, and (at 12 & 16 years old) they treat thinking creatively on multiple levels as an important part of their lives.

Even as adults, we should actively pursue creativity. Don’t ever hold your hand up and say “I’m not creative”. Work at it. Develop it. Make it part of the everyday.

2 thoughts on “Creative Techniques: Creativity In The Home

  1. Hey Terry, Thanks so much for the mention! I love what you’ve written here. For a long time it didn’t occur to me that not every household is littered with art supplies. It’s funny what you take for granted in everyday life- my husband and I are both creative, so we have to work a little harder with our math and science moments…

    • What you wrote certainly rang true. My daughter in particular has a permanent ream of A4 paper on her desk, and drawers full of art supplies. I’m not a visual artist myself (writing background) but I love (no, that should be in capitals) LOVE experimenting and learning new stuff, and both kids have the same inclination. The merging of traditional techniques with some of the new tech is very exciting. It’s fun to see a 12 year old using a stop motion app on her iPod to make movies with props built from tissue paper and egg cartons.

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