Creative Techniques: Chlorine Shock Your Creativity


My swimming pool needs a chlorine shock.

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It’s the beginning of the warmer seasons where I live, and the pool has been languishing through the colder months. The chlorine has dissipated and apparently it needs a huge dose to clear out the nasties and shock it back into gear.

Do I fully understand? Not really. Will I do it? Yes.

Sometimes your creativity might need the equivalent. If you find yourself struggling creatively, even though you’re suing all the techniques you’ve been taught, and even though you’ve filled your workspace with lava lamps and motivational posters, you might need a creative chlorine shock.

Break those patterns and get yourself thinking again. Take a day off and do something totally different. talk to people yo don’t know. eat things you think you’ll hate. Briefly flood your system with new, so you flush out the old patterns.

Do you need to fully understand how it works? Not really. Should you do it? Yes.

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