Creative Techniques: Does Your Idea S.U.C.K?







Idea generation is *cough* the easy part. The hard part, is making sure your ideas are heard, and acted on. o how do you successfully take your idea to market? One way, is to make sure it S.U.C.Ks

Is it Sharp? Don’t take half an idea to market if you don’t have to. Too many times I’ve seen ideas pitched which are really no more than a headline pretending to be an idea. Put some effort in. Take off the rough edges. Grind out some of the potential problems.

Is it Understandable? If you’re pitching your idea, don’t expect your audience to be able to see its potential as easily as you do. You must put yourselves in their shoes. Imagine you know nothing about your idea. How easily can you explain it? Create an Elevator Pitch for your idea. If you can’t explain it clearly in a paragraph, why not?

How will it Cut through? Be honest with yourself. There are millions of ideas floating around in the ether, and whatever field you work in, chances are thousands of new ideas are pitched each year. Why is yours different? Imagine your audience are cold hearted cynics. What will convince them your idea is the one? How will your idea cut through the clutter?

Is it backed by Knowledge? This is the one factor that is often ignored when pitching new ideas. Your credibility. An idea for a plutonium powered pen is unlikely to gain traction if it’s pitched by a potato farmer. Do you have the background knowledge to give your idea gravitas? Can you answer the hard questions? Why should anyone listen to you?

Creating ideas is only one part of the puzzle. Make sure you have all the parts under control. Ask yourself…. does my idea S.U.C.K?


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