About Us


You’ll see a lot of ‘me’ and ‘us’ references popping up around here.
We, or I, just like to keep you on your toes.

Seriously, this site is predominantly the home of Terry Webb. However, for a lot of major work, like the creation of Lifetime In My Pocket, Terry (that’s me) works closely with Paul Rogers (that’s we… or us… now I’m confused), as well as a number of other very clever people.

Ok, enough about me, this page is About Us…..

Terry Webb & Paul Rogers have a combined 50 year (plus) fascination with the world of creativity and marketing.

As a Creative Director and a Client Strategist for a national multimedia network, we saw massive shifts in both marketing and advertising as clients come to terms with the online, mobile and social platforms that dominate the public’s attention today.

Within the radio industry, we moved from creating standalone radio campaigns to working on multi platform concepts for clients that spanned all media. Along the way, we became adept at building strategies and ideas that work.


Terry Webbterry2

Based in Adelaide, Australia.

Terry has worked both in front of and behind the camera on all 3 of Australia’s major commercial TV networks. He was Creative Director for a major multimedia network, has been involved in national training programs and is a lecturer at the Australian Radio School.

Terry’s office wall holds a number of national and international radio award certificates, including Commercial Radio Australia’s Rawards (now ACRAS), Golden Stylus, Adelaide Art Directors and the U.S. Radio & Production Magazine.

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Paul Rogerspaul2

Based in Adelaide, Australia

Paul has been in media for the past 17 years working with huge retailers such as Harvey Norman, playing a role in their South Australian launch way back in 1999. From one of Adelaide’s premier law firms to SA’s largest motor parts franchise, he has made a point of understanding his clients’ brands as a consumer as well as a Strategist.

Paul prides himself in having a reputation for integrity in this market and believes that is what helped him achieve not one but two Australian Commercial Radio Awards for Best Account Exec in Australia. He has developed a program for his company’s national Marketing Warfare training and to this day believes every business, no matter how large or small, can realise profit margins above industry standard through the execution of a proper Battle Plan.

Marketing is war… “There are winners and there are casualties. Great strategy executed well using the rules of Marketing Warfare allows the small to beat the big, the big to defend against the new, and everything in between.”