Lifetime In My Pocket

So… what is Lifetime In My Pocket? Well, it was born out of a bunch of insights about parents, their kids and their lives in general:
We know people love their kids. We love our whole family (sometimes not). We love our friends, pets, holidays, sport and parties…. and if you’re like us, you take hundreds of photos that sit in a folder never to be seen again.

We created Lifetime In My Pocket to change all that – to help you watch our kids/pets grow up in an incredibly cool photo/video timeline. To help you keep your treasured memories in your pocket, and to share via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or email.

Lifetime allows your kids’ photos to be automatically sorted by age, so you can quickly and easily see them when they were 2 years 5 months old, or 6 years 1 month… from birth right through to today.

When you import or take photos you can line up the eyes in exactly the same place each time, which might seem kind of odd… until you hit ‘generate Lifetime Video’, and the App creates a gorgeous video slideshow of your child growing up before your eyes.

Lifetime In My Pocket can be used to create memories of weddings, holidays, parties, pets, you name it!

You can find out more;
On Facebook HERE
Or download on the App Store HERE