Westjet Christmas Miracle

Sometimes a marketing concept just works. Spectacularly.

This is one of them.

At its core, the premise is simple: grant unexpected gifts.

However the scope, intricacy and scale of the operation is phenomenal.

Merry Christmas Westjet!


Great Marketing: Direct Mail From The Salvos

This arrived in the snail mail today. Simple, elegant and engaging.

I love ideas that are boiled down to their cores, and this is one. A lovely reflection of Christmas, an easily understood call to action and a compelling execution. Could you resist slipping a coin (or 3) in?


Let It Snow: Merry Christmas From Google

Another fun Easter egg (or should that be Christmas egg?) from Google.

Type let it snow in the Google home page (I’m using Firefox & Opera. Will also work on Chrome, but not sure about IE) and snowflakes start falling down the screen. Eventually you’ll fog right up, but of course, Google has thought to add a ‘defrost’ button. Very cool.