Great Marketing: Coca Cola Share A Can

Coke has always been a leader in unique marketing ideas, but this one is definitely worth sharing (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Right up there with one of my earlier favourites, the Coke Cricket Bat


Great Marketing: Coke Cricket Bat

I love this. One of the guys in the office brought one in yesterday. Simple, but a real “damn, I wish I’d though of that” idea.

Perfect for office or beach cricket, right on brand for summer, and sure to get guys talking across the country. Brilliant. You can even win one HERE.

The first rule of advertising is ‘get noticed’. With its recent Share A Coke promotion, and concepts like this, the big red bottle team certainly knows how to do just that.

So ask yourself, will your ideas get noticed? Do they support your brand image, whether you’re a business, or an individual? Are they timely? Creative? Will they be talked about?

Don’t settle for “I think it’ll be alright”. Make sure you aim for awesome, and maybe your idea will resonate as strongly as this one.


PS I have no affiliation with Coke, although I will drink it with an occasional scotch. Plus, I suck at cricket.