Get Your Hands Off It

A new campaign by the NSW Government is a lot of fun. As reported on Mumbrella, the 3 minute video is a clever way of highlighting a serious issue.

However, I can’t help comparing its 115,000 views (at time of writing) with Dumb Ways To Die’s 48,000,000.

Creativity is often derivative. I can see the client’s hand in this. “We want the next Dumb Ways To Die”, instead of looking for something uniquely theirs.


Great Marketing: Dumb Ways To Die

Sweet, engaging and very cool.


When I first posted this on November 16, Dumb Ways To Die had 369 views. At the current time of writing, it has over 12 million and is the fastest growing ‘viral’ ad in Australian history, as reported in Mumbrella.

One of the man points that jumps out in John Mescal’s Mumbrella article is the fact that the client was prepared to be truly honest. It is a great starting point, and sadly, is too rare. A great campaign, and beautifully creative.