Isn’t technology awesome :)

I’m stating the bleeding obvious here, but I wanted to celebrate it publicly! I see that Tin Tin is coming out in 3D CGI animation. It looks incredible, and kids will absolutely love it. And that’s my point… children of today are going to be impacted by a great story that began as a comic strip in January 1910.

If it wasn’t for the vision (and, let’s face it… the funding) of people like Steve Jobs to give this new CGI technology credibility via the seminal Toy Story series, maybe millions of kids wouldn’t get to enjoy this author’s great work.

As ‘the old folk’ we must continue to embrace the new frontiers of entertainment content invention, because there are so many brilliant stories to tell from our past, and this new tech is probably the only way we are going to engage future generations in that past.

The true beauty is that as we further improve our technological wizardry, it will become easier and easier to bring to life these stories with the feel and style their authors originally intended.