New Zealand Driving Safety Ad.

From Mumbrella comes this awesome piece of work from New Zealand.

Whenever I start to wonder about the level of creativity in the advertising/marketing world, work like this reminds me how many great people are in the industry.




Marketing: How Would You Weather A Social Media Storm?

isnackInteresting article HERE from Mumbrella, discussing some of the worst marketing/PR disasters faced by 3 very experienced professionals, including Australia’s infamous iSnack 2.0 debacle.

While such major disasters may be easy to dismiss for most small businesses (pah, that could never happen to me), having a social media crisis management plan in place is important no matter who you are. Major companies can weather storms. Heads may roll, and stock prices may fall, but the company shrugs it off and continues.

What would happen if your company found itself under attack? All it may take is an inappropriate Facebook comment by an employee, or a disgruntled customer whose complaint isn’t answered appropriately. Can you afford to shrug it off?

Jenise Fryatt of Cvent has some handy tips on how to prepare for the worst.

For me, the most important take away is to monitor, monitor, monitor. Even if you can’t be bothered constructing a crisis management plan, or don’t believe your business needs a social media presence, you can’t afford to stick your fingers in your ears and hope everything goes away.

Social media is a constant cocktail party. People mingling and discussing everything and anything, including your business. The decision you have to make is, do you want to be in the room listening? Or let them talk about you behind your back?

Being aware of potential issues is the first step to addressing them.

Great Marketing: Dumb Ways To Die

Sweet, engaging and very cool.


When I first posted this on November 16, Dumb Ways To Die had 369 views. At the current time of writing, it has over 12 million and is the fastest growing ‘viral’ ad in Australian history, as reported in Mumbrella.

One of the man points that jumps out in John Mescal’s Mumbrella article is the fact that the client was prepared to be truly honest. It is a great starting point, and sadly, is too rare. A great campaign, and beautifully creative.

Marketing: Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

Thanks to Mumbrella for an excellent post by Simon Lawson (@simonislawson) from ZenithOptimedia on brands’ obsession with participation (HERE), but also for a link to the very funny Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising.

The frightening thing is the number of times I’ve sat in boardrooms with advertising types who actually think that way. I’ve worked with people who will happily spend a day and hundreds of client dollars toying with 13 different shades of the same color.

TRPDSAA should be a regular reality check for all advertising professionals. The public isn’t waiting for your next branded memory game. It’s waiting for you to show some respect and offer something of true value.