Great Creative: Fotoshop By Adobe

Awesome work here by Jesse Rosten

Just proves the point that companies don’t control brands anymore, consumers do.

So what will your brand do to protect itself from consumers armed with talent and an attitude? It’s not that difficult. Treat consumers like people, not numbers. Admit your faults instead of hiding from them. Accept that your brand isn’t perfect, and they will. Use their passion to improve your performance, and your brand equity will grow.

Big brands still attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, and hey, with budgets in the hundreds of millions, they still get away with it more than we realise. However, unless you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company (and if you are, call me. We should do lunch), it’s time to admit you’re not in control of your image. You can’t dictarte how consumers feel about you. But you can help their perception by treating them properly, and dealing with them honestly.

Photoshop Image Deblurring IMAX 2011

Amazing sneak peak here from IMAX 2011. An upcoming Photoshop tool that will allow you to un-blur (de-blur? Is there actually a word?) your photos.

While an incredible bit of software, it highlights what I wrote about in an earlier post HERE. The advent of new technologies makes it so much easier to explore creativity. However, when everyone can produce blur free, beautifully coloured, perfectly exposed shots, then we’ll start looking past the technical side for true artistry and creativity. With new technologies, there are no excuses, and there’s nowhere to hide.