Creative Techniques: Where Do You Go For Inspiration?

If you’re like me, you probably trawl the web for idea starters and inspiration. If you’re smart, you won’t just stick to sites/blogs/forums associated with your industry. Inspiration comes unexpectedly, so broaden your horizons.

I’ll often just start wandering, and see where I end up. However, I do have a few favourite places to start, and here are some of my favourite links. No explanations, if you don’t know them, start wandering, and wondering.



Fast Company, The Cool Hunter, TED Talks, MemebaseWired, Engadget, Pinterest, The 99%, YouTube, Springwise, Lifehacker, Worth 1000, Tech Crunch, Reddit, StumbleuponZD Net, Cracked, Web Urbanist, Bored Panda.

Of course, the list is a lot longer, but I don’t tend to bookmark many places. I prefer to see where I end up. Remember, creativity is about creating new pathways and opportunities, so push yourself to leave the beaten track whenever you can.

What sites get you excited?

Creative Techniques: The Interest In Pinterest


The interest in social media pin board, Pinterest is constantly growing.  There are many discussions over how it should be used in the marketing world, including this very insightful ‘how to’ guide from copyblogger.

My favourite, and the simplest insight into Pinterest came from a good friend of mine who simply commented how inspirational Pinterest is as a creative tool. I couldn’t agree more. The next time you’re struggling to come up with that killer idea, try a little Pinterest surfing.
As with any random word generator, Pinterest can be used to take you in new and wonderful directions, usually in full colour! Throw in a keyword, start browsing and see what you can find. Just make sure you aren’t still surfing blindly 3 hours later.

Get ready to fail

Great Marketing: Or is it? Kotex Inspiration Day

Kotex are claiming The World’s First Pinterest Campaign

Quite a cool concept, but I’m not convinced it was worth the effort.

50 gifts sent

Over 2,200 interactions

Almost 700,000 impressions at the time of the video posting. Some nice numbers, but nothing incredible, and I wonder how that will translate into sales?

Pinterest is growing rapidly, and marketers will hunt it down as fast as they can, but I suspect the World’s First Truly Successful Pinterest Campaign is yet to come.