From Mumbrella: Go on then… What are the creative industries?

Excellent cross posting HERE from Mumbrella & The Conversation on the decline of the so called ‘creative industries’, and the idea that such things even exist.


All industries have the potential for creativity.

All people are creative.

Creativity can be enhanced by training. That’s a fact, Jack.


Until we stop labeling industries as ‘creative’, we won’t stop considering others ‘non creative’, and until we stop the twin tidal waves of risk aversion and conformity that are currently sweeping the world, we will continue to see incremental creativity, rather than the radical ideas that have truly changed the world.

Great Marketing: DIY Packaging

Great article HERE from Creativity Online about DIY Furniture made from the packaging of well, furniture. Very cool.







I love it when I see every part of a product utilised cleverly. Thinking outside the box, by thinking about the box.

Creative Techniques: Great Ideas Come From Passions Or Problems

Creativity can be so astounding. the Amron Rinser Brush, a form of product innovation, is case in point.

I’m a subscriber to the theory that great ideas are born of 2 things. Passions and problems. Find what people are passionate about, or fix a problem, and you’re onto a winner. Frankly, I doubt even dentists are actually passionate about brushing their teeth, but there is certainly a problem in rinsing them after you’ve brushed.

The people at Amron have recognised and solved a very simple problem in a totally creative way.


Look around. find out what your friends, your family, your colleagues are passionate about. look to your own experiences. Discover what elements of your day to day life present problems. Major passions, minor problems. Vice versa. It doesn’t matter. Great ideas are still waiting to be discovered.

Creative Techniques: The Single Biggest Threat To Creativity

Commercial creativity has a growing flaw, exacerbated by the demands of business and new communication platforms.

The flaw is now. That one syllable word has caused more damage to creativity than any other. Business are pushing creatives to create instant ideas, and ideas which can be implemented instantly.

If your idea takes time, forget it. If it’s not going to have an impact of this quarter’s profits, or this term in office, we’re not interested. The lack of faith in the long term can be soul destroying.

Of course, there are plenty of companies who do think differently and plan creatively for the long term, but the companies snapping at their heels are too often the ones scrabbling for instant creativity, in order to jump ahead.

So how do you, as a creative type, overcome the need for now? If you’re in marketing or advertising, you probably can’t, but what you can do is plan properly. Make sure you file all your ideas for a rainy day (see The Boring Way To Creative Success) and never, ever, ever throw out an idea because it doesn’t fit now.

Don’t be afraid that you’ll be ‘rehashing’ an old idea. If the core of the idea is sound, it’s worth nurturing. File it away, let it grow and develop in the background, and make sure it’s ready when now rolls around again.

The bible (don’t panic, I’m not the religious type) said There’s Nothing New Under The Sun, but Ambrose Pierce revitalised that quote beautifully.

There’s Nothing New Under The Sun, But There Are Lots Of Old Things We Don’t Know.

Sometimes, now can take years to create.

Creative Techniques: The Interest In Pinterest


The interest in social media pin board, Pinterest is constantly growing.  There are many discussions over how it should be used in the marketing world, including this very insightful ‘how to’ guide from copyblogger.

My favourite, and the simplest insight into Pinterest came from a good friend of mine who simply commented how inspirational Pinterest is as a creative tool. I couldn’t agree more. The next time you’re struggling to come up with that killer idea, try a little Pinterest surfing.
As with any random word generator, Pinterest can be used to take you in new and wonderful directions, usually in full colour! Throw in a keyword, start browsing and see what you can find. Just make sure you aren’t still surfing blindly 3 hours later.

Get ready to fail