Creative Techniques: Great Ideas Come From Passions Or Problems

Creativity can be so astounding. the Amron Rinser Brush, a form of product innovation, is case in point.

I’m a subscriber to the theory that great ideas are born of 2 things. Passions and problems. Find what people are passionate about, or fix a problem, and you’re onto a winner. Frankly, I doubt even dentists are actually passionate about brushing their teeth, but there is certainly a problem in rinsing them after you’ve brushed.

The people at Amron have recognised and solved a very simple problem in a totally creative way.


Look around. find out what your friends, your family, your colleagues are passionate about. look to your own experiences. Discover what elements of your day to day life present problems. Major passions, minor problems. Vice versa. It doesn’t matter. Great ideas are still waiting to be discovered.