Marketing: Oreos Dunk In The Dark. The Importance Of Thinking Fast

Out of all the millions of dollars spent on Superbowl ads this year, one simple tweet has been the stand out winner in terms of social virality.

When the lights went out during Superbowl, the Oreo team went into overdrive and produced this gem, fast. Simple, clever, topical and perfectly timed.

Is the creative itself genius? Not as a standalone idea. The genius rests in the creative team, the brand managers and other stakeholders standing by, ready and waiting for opportunity.

The Scouts are right. Be prepared. To capitalise on flash in the pan events or trending memes, you need to invest some time and energy into thinking fast. Some events are almost guaranteed to generate memorable moments. this was one of them, and Oreos nailed it. How about you? Did you have any great ideas during Superbowl? Other than “I should make more Nachos”

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